Pastor Chris and Alcina have been Disciples of Pastor Joe and Dani for over five years and have been the go-to people for anything the Church needs. In 2016 Pastor Joe and Dani made the move to become Missionaries to the Middle East and left the Church in the responsible hands of Chris and Alcina.

Gateway Church Founders:

Pastor Joe and Dani have been in full time ministry since 1995. They met in Bible college in Tulsa, OK and married in 1992. They’ve lived in Tulsa, OK, Concord, CA, South Carolina, Tacoma, WA, Honolulu, HI, and are now missionaries to the Middle East. They spent many years as youth ministers and have a heart for Youth. Pastor Joe was an Army Chaplain and served in the military for over 13 years, while Pastor Dani owned her own restaurant in Honolulu, HI.